Black Mirror: Bandersnatch ★★★½

I don't know if I'd call Bandersnatch revolutionary, exactly. The format was seamless and the choice responses felt natural. But, I don't know if I'd necessarily want to see more interactive storytelling like this outside of the Black Mirror brand. Bandersnatch feels like an experience unique to Black Mirror.

Deep down, I was hoping the choices and reactions in Bandersnatch would go even further. Not necessarily darker, but in my 1st run of it, I was so engaged with certain things that I wish paid off a little better.

The funny thing is, Bandersnatch might have what I want in it. Maybe I just need to watch it some more times and make some different choices. Which, at the end of the day, is EXACTLY what Netflix wants. So I guess Bandersnatch works!

What I love about the concept of Bandersnatch is that there's a good chance my opinion will evolve the more I watch (or play, I guess?) the movie. For now, I love the concept so much and think it was executed well. But my first experience with it left me wanting a little bit more in terms of story and character.

In addition, there were some things I really loved about it. In particular, I really enjoyed the Black Mirror easter eggs, some more subtle than others. The names of Colin's games were episode titles, there was a lot of use of the White Bear symbol (which is beautifully repurposed to tie-in to the choose your own adventure structure), the name of the doctor is a fun reference to Black Museum, and of course, I was absolutely tickled by one of the more meta choices in the story.

I think the next time I watch it, I will write a spoiler review for Letterboxd and go into a lot more detail.