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I was in the mood for a mainstream studio comedy and what I got was such a pleasant surprise in Blockers. This is a great comedy that tackles the standard teen sex comedy premise of movies like American Pie and Superbad but repurposes it into a sex positive story from the parents' perspective.

I'm surprised by the emotional weight of the movie. It takes on topics like parents learning to let go of their children, the double standard of sex for women and men, teenagers coming to terms with their sexuality, an estranged parent trying to repair their relationship with their child, friendship surviving life events, etc. And none of those topics feel shortchanged or taken advantage of. The comedy comes from the actions and personalities of the characters and not at the expense of any of the movie's strong subtext.

John Cena is fantastic playing against type. But I think my favorite performer in this is Ike Barinholtz, who becomes the surprising voice of reason for the parents in the movie. His role is vital in that it keeps the movie from becoming a standard, cookie cutter sex comedy.

I really enjoyed this and I'm excited to see it again.

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