Captain America: Civil War ★★★★½

I don't know if it's possible to be more entertained by a summer blockbuster comic book movie. This and Captain America: The Winter Soldier are fantastic examples of how to do universe shattering, entertaining entries in a massive franchise while not relying too much on past titles.

The action in Civil War continues the gorgeously choreographed fight scenes in The Winter Soldier and ups the scale considerably. The airport sequence is the "sibling rivalry" fight you want to see in a giant ensemble super hero beat em up sequence.

But the best thing about Civil War is how heavy a punch it packs in its climax. The Russo brothers complete usurp our expectations and give us a painful, gritty fight that we just can't look away from after spending the whole movie beautifully misdirecting us.

Oh, and it brings Spider-Man to the MCU and every frame with him is a delight!