Creed II ★★★½

My 300th movie viewing of 2018!

Creed II was a really solid sequel that doesn't have quite the heart and humor of its predecessor. The performances are all fine. Michael B. Jordan continues to be a strong dramatic actor. But although Creed II's script gives Adonis a lot of depth, it didn't connect with me as much as the first movie's script did.

The boxing sequences are spectacular, however. There are no sequences as memorable as Coogler's one take boxing match sequence in the first movie. But I didn't go into Creed II expecting it to top that. Creed II's sequences are brutal and thrilling. The camerawork is great without getting in the way of the content. They are the standout of the movie for me.

The Dragos in Creed II are developed well, surprisingly so. Admittedly it's been a long time since I've seen Rocky IV, but I like the motivation that Creed II gives the Dragos. They're not the evil Russians hell bent on destroying America in the boxing ring. They have an arc that is compelling enough and humanizes them in an interesting way.

Although Creed II doesn't top its predecessor, it's still a strong sequel and a good continuation of the Rocky/Creed storyline.

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