Dog Days ★★½

Ken Marino amassed a strong ensemble for this schmaltzy but still kind of sweet rom-com about several interconnected characters and their pets. The movie tries to tug at your heartstrings a time or two and if you're a dog lover or pet owner in general, it will probably work for you. But the movie is a bit uneven and doesn't have a very cohesive throughline. The way the characters intersect throughout the movie isn't very interesting and, in some cases, I wonder if there are more firm connections between characters left on the cutting room floor.

Dog Days feels about 20 minutes too long and the narrative device of different storylines interconnecting with each other isn't used in any interesting way. But even though some of its attempts at being sentimental feels forced or disconnected at times, it does hit a couple of times and isn't anything offensively or unforgivably bad.

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