Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw ★★½

Hobbs & Shaw delivers exactly what you would expect from it. It's mindless action with some shoe-horned in character moments that don't really land all that well. The action is fun and intricate enough to hold your attention.

The buddy comedy shtick that The Rock and Statham attempt is pretty over exaggerated on both their parts. It gets tired after a while but the action helps carry the load to keep things fun.

Idris Elba is a fun villain. He's damn near a cyborg and the tech he and his henchmen use will remind you just how far the Fast & Furious franchise has come on its road to eventually (inevitably?) becoming just an out and out sci-fi action series.

Vanessa Kirby really is the stand out, however. She's a bad ass and frequently helps reign in the over the top tone set by The Rock and Statham. It helps that she's the one most closely tied to the macguffin of the movie and is the only one of the leads with anything really at stake.

There are things involving Elba's character's shadowy handlers that are unresolved. The movie is presumably setting up its own lazy SPECTRE type organization. But there's nowhere near enough information or originality there to make me care about learning more.

Hobbs & Shaw is fine for what it is, a fun but safe action flick playing off of a fun action franchise.