Fatty's Tintype Tangle ★★½

2019 Weekly Comedy Challenge: 3/52 - (Week 3: A silent comedy that doesn't star Chaplin, Keaton, or Lloyd.)

Since this was only 27 minutes long, I'm not actually logging it in my film diary. My film diary is for feature length movies since my friends and I stat track our movie watching.

Nevertheless, Fatty's Tintype Tangle is another fun and energetic silent film. This was my introduction to Fatty Arbuckle and it didn't disappoint. His energy and physical prowess is really impressive. I love the casual way he flips the pancake or kicks his hat. It's so calm but there's such a level of talent there that makes it really stand out.

The lengthy fight/chase scene was wonderfully choreographed and more elaborate than I expected. The way Arbuckle runs in place on a slick bathroom floor is quick and remarkable.

I'm continually impressed by the art of silent film comedy.