First Man ★★★½

I've got some mixed feelings about First Man. I love the way Chazelle handled the spaceflight and testing sequences in the movie. It isn't flashy, or overloaded with visual effects. He puts us in the perspective of the astronauts and it is really intense and suspenseful. Everything about the Apollo 11 sequence worked really well to create a very moving experience.

I feel like the movie could have been more clearly focused on Neil Armstrong as a subject, though. Ryan Gosling did a fine job with what he had, but it's a very introspective and closed off portrayal of Armstrong. I appreciate what the script was going for, but it just didn't connect with me as a solid character piece. As moving as the moon landing sequence was in the movie, I was moved by the historical significance of the feat, rather than what it meant for Neil.

Reviewed in Episode 259 of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast.

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