Force Majeure ★★½

Eh. It's hard to reconcile my feelings on this one. Visually, the movie is stunning. I never got tired of the isolating and cold shots of the resort. But the sharp and repetitive music dragged the movie down for me. Most of all, though, I think Force Majeure has a fantastic setup that it just doesn't pay off in any meaningful way.

The first half of the movie plays wonderfully as it deals with the fallout of Tomas' decision when faced with (what he thinks is) a devastating avalanche. I loved seeing his denial and the slow building tension as his relationship with Ebba starts to crumble.

But the second half feels like the filmmaker was tired of that shtick and wanted to switch the story to a more on-the-nose dissection of masculinity and fragile egos. It feels bizarre and doesn't really fit with the first half of the movie. By the end of Force Majeure, I was more bored than anything. And I'm really unsure about what point the movie was trying to make in its ending.

This is a shame because it could have been a really interesting movie that could have left me with a lot to think about. Unfortunately, it kind of crapped the bed.