In Fabric ★★★

Man, I really don't know what to make of this one. It's a pretty audacious throwback to a certain 70s horror aesthetic. The set design and score feels like it's right out of the 1970s, evoking memories of Suspiria and a bit of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

But the editing and sound design were the high points. Tension builds in a scene involving a washer of all things in a way that should be cliché but gets the most suspense out of it by lingering on it for just long enough to make us squirm. The scenes in the department store play host to an unsettling rise in the soundtrack where different disembodied voices occupy different sides of the soundtrack.

The imagery works overtime to unnerve the audience but not in a conventional horror sense. Shots linger on seemingly innocuous things for slightly too long, locations and sets feel almost like a stage in the way they're set up, such as when Sheila puts on the dress.

The story is where I'm really at a loss with In Fabric. Sheila's story taps into the character's loneliness really well. But it feels like the movie intentionally avoided any type of resolution to any of its plot lines, including Sheila's.

The movie also switches to a different set of characters about midway through. The lack of cohesion between these two halves really didn't work for me. And the aggressively ambiguous ending bugged me more than anything.

All that said, I was going to rate this 2.5 stars. But in typing this out and thinking about it, I think I'm comfortable humping it to 3 stars. If nothing else, this is a really interesting movie.

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