Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday ★½

Yikes. So I watched the unrated cut and, to its credit, there is some really good gore and body horror effects work in this movie.

But that's about all this movie has going for it. It's a Friday the 13th movie in name only, which isn't even the case since New Line didn't have the rights to the name, apparently.

So I've commended Friday the 13th's gradual shift into supernatural plot elements in previous installments and I recognize that Jason Goes to Hell definitely takes that idea to 11 and tries something really different. But the finished product is such a stinker.

The thing that's appealed to me in this series is the senselessness of Jason. There's a schlock formula in most of the entries that allows the movies to be fun violence fests that aren't weighed down by heavy drama or a ton of useless exposition. Basically you know what you're getting in these movies.

However, Jason Goes to Hell forsakes that formula for a myth-building plot device that convolutes things a bit too much and robs us of the traditional Jason iconography. Credit where it's due, it's a unique swerve for a 9th installment. It just didn't do much of anything for me.

I enjoyed the surprise in the closing shot, though. With New Line taking over, I'm sure something like that would have been expected. But it still would have been cool to see it for the first time in a packed theater.

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