Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

I enjoyed Kevin Smith's work in the 90s and early 2000s. There are a handful of really good View Askew movies in the bunch but Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is one of the weaker ones. So Kevin Smith going back to that concept for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot really didn't interest me.

The movie is pretty terrible overall. Smith reboots the stoner duo by pretty much rewriting full scenes from Strike Back and breaking the fourth wall (again) to point out how cute and funny it is. But it's not funny since it's the exact same thing that he did in Strike Back. Which, sure, that's the point but it's also extremely lazy with way too much fan service.

It would be interesting to look at Reboot from the perspective of comparing modern pop culture to the state of comic book movies and general nerdom in 2001. But Smith doesn't really care to comment on how pop culture has changed and has wholly embraced comic book culture in the 18 years since Strike Back. Instead, Reboot just fills its time with weak jokes, nostalgia for past View Askew movies, and way too many fourth wall winks at the camera.

Smith's daughter, Harley Quinn Smith is good as Milly and her arc with Jay Mewes is endearing. It belonged in a better movie though.