JFK ★★★

Makes a compelling case for the conspiracy to assassinate JFK. But falters at the human level. Jim Garrison's obsession is captivating but when the movie tries to show how it's wrecking his home life, the drama feels like an afterthought and ultimately hollow.

Costner's performance is really wooden and hit or miss throughout it. Until the courtroom scene at the end of the movie, I had serious questions about how Costner's career flourished so much. There are moments where his performance is just outright awful but he comes through in the end to give a strong courtroom performance.

I didn't expect the movie to resonate so much with the Trump Era we're in the closing days of (thank God). But Garrison's passionate fight against a government that lies to the American people and would potentially orchestrate a coup d'état really spoke to me in 2020. So there's that.

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