Love, Antosha ★★★★½

I should not have watched this at work. It's heartbreaking and incredibly insightful into who Anton Yelchin was and the talent that left the world when he passed away.

Tons of footage is used to immortalize Yelchin's spirit and is combined with truly beautiful accounts from his friends and colleagues about him. This documentary is such a beautiful love letter to someone who seemed like such a genuinely kind and incredibly talented person.

Considering the way he died in 2016, Love, Antosha is also poignantly frustrating because you can see that Yelchin was going to go so much further in art than he did. The whole movie I was frustrated that Anton will never get to direct a film because his talent is so clearly on display.

Despite his life being cut so unfairly short, Yelchin left behind his own legacy with almost 70 acting credits by the age of 27. Love, Antosha is a beautiful and warm spotlight on Yelchin and his legacy.

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