Mid90s ★★½

I was pretty let down by Mid90s, truth be told. Jonah Hill does some interesting things and shows promise as a director, but the narrative is where the movie struggles the most. The movie actively avoids conflict in favor of a more character focused narrative. This works in the movie's favor as we're brought into Stevie's idolized view of the group he becomes friends with. But it wasn't enough to keep me that invested.

The movie dabbles with some conflict and flirts with chracter arcs. But they are dropped almost as quickly as they're introduced. Stevie's mother's romantic life is introduced in passing and referenced once or twice later in too subtle a manner. Lucas Hedges' character is introduced as an angry, abusive older brother, but it doesn't go anywhere interesting.

Even when the movie suddenly pushes the audience into something very dramatic, it skips over the most compelling part of the event and heads straight into the denouement. Mid90s' refusal (for the most part) to introduce conflict to the narrative is ultimately its downfall. The performances are strong, though the characters can be pretty obnoxious.

Like I said, Jonah Hill does some interesting things. He knows how to communicate his character's sense of euphoria at gaining acceptance within an older crowd. But the movie just didn't work for me the way I hoped it would.

Reviewed in Episode 257 of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast.