Only the Lonely ★★★

I watched this entirely on a whim. Before hitting play, I honestly had never heard of this Chris Columbus written/directed romcom with Ally Sheedy, John Candy, and Maureen O'Hara. Even though it didn't knock my socks off by any stretch, I thought Only the Lonely was charming and a pleasant showcase for Candy's dramatic chops.

The charisma Candy had on the screen was very strong. You really feel for him as a lonely everyman who has some attachment issues when it comes to his mother. What struck me most about the movie was how Danny's relationship with his mother wasn't played for broad laughs. It carried some dramatic weight behind it instead which helped Candy's performance dip into more dramatic territory without dragging the romcom elements down.

Candy's chemistry with Sheedy is good. She plays a deathly introverted funeral home worker. Her introverted hang ups kind of give the relationship a Rocky/Adrian vibe, but there's an underlying sweetness that carries their dynamic through.

Like I said, Only the Lonely didn't blow me away but it's perfectly passable, especially if you want to see a more dramatic John Candy performance.