Pardon Us ★★★

2019 Weekly Comedy Challenge: 4/52 - (Week 4: A comedy featuring a male comedy duo.)

Week 4 of the 2019 Weekly Comedy Challenge ended up being my first Laurel & Hardy movie. Which is perfect, since I plan on watching Stan & Ollie very soon.

Pardon Us was Laurel & Hardy's first feature length comedy. They are sent to prison after being caught bootlegging. Hilarity and hijinks ensue.

It's a fun movie and made me interested in watching more of their work. There's a great running gag where Laurel has loose tooth that causes him to squeak when he talks. They use this gag in a lot of fun ways. There's a prison break sequence that is where things kind of slowed down for me. The guys wear black face for an extended stretch of time, which is pretty awkward and cringy to see now in 2019.

Once they get back to prison, though, the movie balances out. The big setpiece at the end of the movie is a lot of fun and has some impressive stunt work with a ladder. And the movie's final joke is a great button on the movie.

Had it not been for the prison break excursion (not to mention the blackface as well), I would have rated Pardon Us a bit higher. As it stands, though, I'm glad I watched it and I'm eager to watch more of Laurel & Hardy's work.