Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★½

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There's a moment late in Portrait of a Lady on Fire where one character wakes up in bed before the other and stares at her lover still sleeping. It's a look that brings out that feeling of waking next to someone you love and having that yearning and security in knowing that it is one of countless times you will wake up next to them. It's a look of love in one of its purest forms. But the scene carries with it an emotional intensity given by the painful context of these two women's circumstances. This combination of emotional drama with a lack of choice or control in your life is what will make this such a memorable and beautiful film for me.

The performances are incredible and the writing circles back and pays off emotional moments in heartbreaking ways. The depiction of the art and the process of creating the pieces was mesmerizing.

Incredible, elegant, and beautiful movie. I loved it.

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