Rear Window ★★★★★

I saw Rear Window once, but it was long enough ago that this viewing was essentially a first viewing.

I was mesmerized by this movie. Stewart and Kelly are great, but Hitchcock's eye is what's most on display. It's remarkable how clearly Hitchcock has us explore the neighbors' lives as almost pieces of silent film vignettes. The subplot of Miss Lonelyhearts, in particular, is wonderful and sad and suspenseful in its own way.

The story toes the line between paranoia spurred by boredom and hunting a potential killer very well. It's easy to consider that Jeffries may in fact be wrong about what he thinks is going on.

This movie is absolutely gorgeous, as well. The set design of the apartment bloc is seeping with detail and variety. It's very beautiful to look at and when the story utilizes it for suspense, it's incredibly gripping. Spectacular movie.