Safe Spaces ★★★★

Loved, loved this movie! Justin Long, Richard Schiff, Fran Drescher, Kate Berlant, and Michael Godere are all wonderful as a family dealing with the impending death of a member of the family. The chemistry among them and the different perspectives each character gives to the situation work so well to bring you into the drama.

Josh's (Justin Long) experience as a professor confronted with a social justice scandal in the classroom is handled in a way I wasn't expecting. We follow Josh's experience and his perspective throughout the movie. This paints the conflict between him and his students in a light that isn't forgiving to the controversy.

In fact, Safe Spaces handles the social justice issues it presents in a comedic way that doesn't undercut the experiences of the student who launched it. The way this part of the movie is resolved is satisfying and thought-provoking in a way that shows how certain characters have grown from the experience and how much others are affected by things.

Fantastic performances all around. Richard Schiff, in particular, is just astounding.

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