Schindler's List ★★★★★

Schindler's List is one of the most important movies I've ever seen. The history we read about WWII and what we're taught of the Holocaust in school is just words. To actually see the horror in Steven Spielberg's masterpiece is another thing entirely.

It's intense in its casual violence and slaughter. But although we see a lot of random, casual murder on screen, the film makes a point to address and define the Nazis' senseless executions. Schindler's List feels educational, in a certain respect, as a depiction of one of the worst atrocities in human history. And for that, I respect the work Spielberg did in creating the film.

In telling the story of Oskar Schindler, Spielberg brings the audience into a perspective that expands from cold Nazism to compassionate savior. It makes Schindler's List one of the most powerful and moving films I've ever seen.

The way Spielberg tells the story leads to many moments of abject heartbreak. Whether its Goeth's horrific and senseless executions or the iconic girl in the red coat sequence, it's not hyperbole to say that Spielberg has a genius for storytelling that is on full display here.

Schindler's List is a difficult film to watch at an emotional level. It will reduce me to tears and shock me every single time I see it. Yet, it's a movie that I think needs to be watched and rewatched because of the emotional toll it takes. It's a movie showing the hard truth of something human beings can never ever forget.

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