Seven Samurai ★★★★★

When I was around 15 or 16 years old and Netflix just had their "DVD by mail" service, I "discovered" Seven Samurai and was really awestruck by it. Even though I probably was too young and inexperienced to really appreciate the nuances and influence it had on film, I was still enamored with the characterization, the drama, the action, the humor, and the performances. Maybe above all else, I was really taken with the culture and how different it was from my own.

This led to me really falling in love with Akira Kurosawa's work which led to me buying up the Criterion releases of his films. Seven Samurai has always been my favorite (with Throne of Blood and Stray Dog, in particular, close behind).

Over the years I have rewatched Seven Samurai quite a few times. I've seen many of the movies it's inspired and always find myself gravitating to versions of its story as still it influences media and storytelling 60+ years later. The Magnificent Seven, A Bug's Life, Saving Private Ryan, The Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla, and so on and so forth.

But having the opportunity to see Seven Samurai on 35mm at the Historic Artcraft Theatre in Franklin, Indiana (one of my favorite places to see a movie!), was an experience really unlike any other. Getting to see one of the movies that has literally helped shape the way I view and experience film on the big screen with a large audience was honestly magical for me.

Laughing, cheering, and just celebrating this masterpiece with an audience was incredible! I might record a solo bonus episode of The Obsessive Viewer to put more of my thoughts out there. But for now, I'm just so glad this happened!

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