Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★½

Random thoughts on Solo before bed:

At times, Solo is a fun adventure and I think Alden Ehrenreich did a fine enough job capturing the charisma of the character. But this was a really sloppy movie that sort of felt like some glorified vignettes cut together leading to a really lackluster ending.

What worked so well with Rogue One (a movie that has some issues, itself) is that it introduced us to interesting one-off characters and took us into the backdrop of a story that's integral to the Star Wars mythos. Throughout most of Solo's runtime, I found myself flat out not caring about the plot or characters.

When watching Star Wars, I've never once wondered what the Kessel Run is or how Han met Chewie and after seeing Solo, I'm probably going to forget it by the time I watch Star Wars again.

However, I will say that Donald Glover as Lando was great and I really wanted more of him in the movie.

L3 felt like Lucasfilm was trying to recapture the lightning in the bottle they got in Rogue One's K-2S0 but she ended up doing nothing for me.

Thandie Newton is completely wasted in the movie. Woody Harrelson is really good, albeit with a really sloppy arc.

There are some big moments and genuine surprises in the movie. Some are good, some are eye roll enducing. Others are just mildly puzzling and make the movie feel arrogant in the way it leaves some things open ended.

One surprise in particular should have floored me but the movie was so clunky and badly paced that when it came to that scene, I was just ready for the movie to end.

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