Splinter ★★½

I usually like isolated, low budget horror movies and at its most base level, Splinter is pretty solid at being just that. But when most of a movie's entire cast is made up of a few people who are on screen 99% of the movie, I kind of want something a little more in terms of character development. Not that there isn't any. I really like Shea Whigham as Farel but I feel like it would have been better to give him more conflict with the couple.

This is a fine enough movie though, with some pretty crazy special creature effects. But the thing that bugged me the most about the movie was the extreme shaky camerawork anytime the creature is attacking. I understand the movie is low budget and the camerawork was maybe intentionally erratic to mask that. I get that. But the camerawork was so shaky and discombobulating that I couldn't track what was going on during the attack sequences. Which, in turn, made it really hard to feel the tension of the moment.

Still, Splinter is worth checking out for some fun creature work.

Watched for my Shocktober 2018: My Horror Movie Homework Assigned by @IAmMikeWhite list.