Spring Breakers ★★

Even though I really could have done without the needlessly repeated lines over slow motion footage; for the most part, I liked the style and the editing in Spring Breakers a lot. It presents the girls' flirtation and eventual descent into criminal behavior in a very stylish and dreamlike manner.

James Franco was really over the top but it fit the tone of the movie pretty well. While the ladies all gave solid performances, the movie felt like it was conceived as a vehicle for a bunch of Disney child actresses to show skin and prove to the industry that they aren't kid stars. Maybe that's the point, but the movie didn't make any big statements to that effect and that just made it feel pretty gratuitous and nothing more.

Tone and style are no substitute for poor storytelling, however. Spring Breakers has the feel of a movie that's pieced together from a partial script and improvised to the finish line. It didn't hold my attention that well and eventually the unique visual style wore thin.

The movie seems to be commenting on youth obsession with debauchery and the way this generation idealizes party culture. But it doesn't seem to know what comment it's making or what position it's taking. The result is a movie that, while uniquely crafted from a technical standpoint, ultimately feels hollow and devoid of purpose.