Standing Up, Falling Down ★★★★

This comedy/drama feature debut from Matt Ratner is witty and charming with strong performances from Billy Crystal and Ben Schwartz.

Schwartz plays a struggling stand up comedian who moves back home to New York where his now married ex-girlfriend lives. There he meets and bonds with an eccentric dermatologist played by Crystal. The two learn from each other as they face their own individual issues.

The chemistry between Crystal and Schwartz is the high point of this movie. The two quip back and forth in scenes that feel like they could comfortably last forever. It's a blast to watch them play off each other and the script is packed with wit.

The drama angle of the film is handled really well. The way the two characters confront their individual demons feels organic and not at all forced. I also commend the movie for the way it chooses not to fully resolve certain narrative threads in an expected manner.

This was a strong combination of comedy and drama with wonderful performances driving it.

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