The Adventures of Tintin ★★★

The 3D mo-cap animation used in The Adventures of TinTin should, in theory, takes us right into the uncanny valley. But surprisingly the animation is glorious and the movie looks incredible. Spielberg retains a lot of his flourishes with the camera when entering into this new style of filmmaking. And so the movie looks and feels strong and propulsive.

I couldn't really get into the plot that much, though. And I don't have any knowledge or history of the TinTin property. I don't know what it was about it that made it not engrossing for me. Especially considering how beautiful the animation was. But it was still fun to watch despite that (kind of gaping) issue.

Also, as packed as this movie was with adventurous set pieces, I really couldn't stop myself from drawing comparisons to the Uncharted video game franchise. So that made some of the bigger sequences feel a little bit stale to me.