The Big Sick ★★★★½

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I adore The Big Sick for the way it handles it's story (the true story of Emily and Kumail) in such an authentic way. This is a dual romantic comedy. The first 30 minutes is the meet-cute of Kumail and Emily but then something magical happens. The movie turns into a romantic comedy with Kumail and Emily's parents.

What comes next is a wonderful story of strangers who bond together under the most stressful and frightening personal situation they can be in. And that bond is just so freaking pure in this movie that anytime Kumail shares a tender moment with Holly Hunter or Ray Romano, I can't help but feel a strong emotional connection to it. Everything about their interactions just feels so genuine and fragile.

As if that wasn't a strong enough story, we also get the complicated journey Kumail takes with his family and their attempts to set him up in an arranged marriage. I love the movie for not finding an easy resolution to this conflict and for presenting that culture and custom in a way that made it really accessible for me and interesting.

The Big Sick is endearing, beautiful, and a wonderful story of love and the love you can find with the people who also love the person you love.