The Dark Knight Rises ★★★★

So The Dark Knight Rises isn't without its issues and it isn't as tightly told a story as The Dark Knight. But damn it if I don't love this movie. The occupied Gotham storyline is so different in presentation from the chaotic Joker story from TDK, but also has the heart of Gotham City at its core. As does Batman Begins.

Sure, the theme of saving the city is more "in your face" in TDKR. But there's something to the aesthetic of Gotham under seige and the underground resistance movement that forms in Batman's absence. I love it.

Also, I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this movie. I know people were pissed about his name at the end of the movie but I ate it up. While I knew we'd never see a JGL-fronted movie sequel to this, I would still love to see a comic series based around him and that world in the aftermath of TDKR.

Good trilogy.

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