The Disaster Artist ★★★★

First time seeing it since the theater. This was #2 on my top ten list for 2017 and I stand by it after rewatching it. I'm our "Year in Review" podcast ep in January, Mike referenced not connecting with the movie because he doesn't want to sympathize with Tommy Wiseau because he isn't a sympathetic character or subject.

Rewatching the movie, I do agree with Mike on that. But I think the movie casts Greg Sistero as the hero of the movie and as a subject, I find him infinitely more sympathetic and interesting. Dave Franco plays Greg as a prisoner of this toxic and bizarre friendship. Greg and Tommy's friendship is the movie's biggest strength and I find the drama that comes up throughout the movie really compelling because of Dave Franco's performance.

I also like the way The Disaster Artist touches on (what I imagine is) the experience of cast and crew working on a troubled set under a terrible and clueless director.

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