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This is the best constructed film from Tarantino that I've seen in a while. Django and Basterds were both really good but they dragged quite a bit for me. Hateful Eight is tight and the story is beautifully contained to its location and cast without losing audience engagement. It's coherent and doesn't feel overlong at all. I was left wanting to see the 70mm roadshow version.

It's bloody and the movie doesn't shy away from it, but the violence is secondary and comes in bursts without feeling like big set pieces. It's a surprising amount of restraint compared to Tarantino's past work and it suits the story very well. Though, there are some odd slow motion sequences that don't quite fit.

The performances are all great. Though, Tim Roth seemed to be channelling Christoph Waltz a little too much. I don't know if the role was originally meant for Waltz or if it was a choice by Roth, but it felt strange to me. Walton Goggins and Jennifer Jason Leigh both stood out and gave incredible performances. It helped that their characters had such unique quirks to them.

This will likely break into my top ten list in a few days. I really liked it.

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