The Irishman ★★★

The Irishman is Scorsese's examination of aging, time, and regret through the lens of the gangster epic. And it's fine. The performances are all strong, particularly by De Niro and Pacino. But aside from the performances, the movie didn't really hook me.

It really just felt kind of tired to me. The movie spans a lot of years and Scorsese utilizes de-aging effects for the cast. As the movie progresses, the effect looks cleaner and more impressive. But the earliest scenes with the de-aging effect look horrendous. That portion of the movie's most passable moments felt like I was watching a high quality cinematic from a PS4 video game. At its most distracting (a flashback to Frank in the war), it looked a lot like the fantasy doll sequences in Welcome to Marwen. Highly distracting.

Although the movie didn't blow me away, it delivered for me in the way it depicted Jimmy Hoffa. I knew next to nothing about Hoffa (aside from references made in pop culture) and the movie's strength was in the characterization of the man. This characterization is primarily through the perspective of De Niro's Frank. Frank's respect for Hoffa gives the movie a solid angle in the way Hoffa is depicted.

The Irishman is a fine enough movie, but didn't grip me nor did it hit me as particularly profound, either.

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