The Nest ★★★

Purely by coincidence today turned out to be a "family in the 80s moves somewhere remote where the father hopes to make a name for himself at the expense of his family's happiness" double feature between this and Minari.

The Nest was overall pretty okay. There is some particularly strong acting by Carrie Coon and Jude Law. The scenes where they confront the issues in their marriage head-on yield really great performances that are made all the stronger by lingering single takes. It let's the tension breathe well in those scenes.

But, frankly, the "marriage approaching shambles" story just didn't do much for me or captivate me. There are some solid individual character moments but they don't connect cleanly enough into the overall story. Things like Carrie Coon's horse, the daughter's rebellion, the son's bullied school life all could have used some extra padding to feed more directly into the "diaplaced family suffering" story.

I did like the ending, though. I just wish the storytelling was a bit better.

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