The Nun ★½

I really struggled to stay awake during The Nun.

The characters were really uninteresting to me. They had little to no development and only the bare minimum of backstory. Maybe it's because they were so bland or because the movie's scares weren't effective, but I felt like there were no stakes to the movie. It goes from scare to scare and from dimly lit set piece to dimly lit set piece without that much momentum.

The scares are mostly your standard jump scares. I appreciate the movie for going an interesting route in its 3rd act. But it wasn't enough to win back my interest, unfortunately. I liked the way it tied into the Conjuring universe but it didn't break any new ground there since it's pretty similar to the way the Annabelle movies connect.

I like the idea behind this Conjuring extended universe, but I honestly just don't think the style or subject matter is my thing.