The Usual Suspects ★★★½

I don't remember the last time I saw The Usual Suspects, but it has stuck with me as a fantastic crime mystery with terrific performances. Revisiting it comes with slightly diminishing returns, though. So much of the movie is built around the mysterious Keyser Soze, that the 5 central characters almost become secondary. This creates problems upon rewatching it since you know the tricks the movie has up its sleeve and all you're left with are the characters and plot. The characters are solid enough. But subsequent viewings just turn into "spot the bread crumbs" instead of spending two hours with an interesting cast of characters.

The movie as a whole is still really enjoyable and the climactic moments are still enough to leave you a bit gobsmacked. But it just seems like the movie is built around Keyser Soze and, therefore, loses its luster quickly when you have the full puzzle in front of you.