We Shall Not Die Now ★★★★

Thorough documentary about the Holocaust that uses archival footage and interviews from Claude Lanzmann's Shoah that were not in his finished film. It also has present day footage of the sites of the camps and interviews from scholars, survivors, and liberators.

We Shall Not Die Now's present day footage and interviews are presented in a stunning black and white that creates a visual consistency between the present day footage and a majority of the archival footage shown.

There's such a clarity in the interviews with the survivors and liberators that I found really remarkable. These are people who are in their 80s or 90s but their accounts are gripping, heartbreaking, and very well articulated.

Throughout the film, there is an interview with scholar Dr. Micheal Berenbaum, who articulates the details of the subject extremely eloquently. He has a knack for presenting information clearly and concisely without sacrificing the importance of the subject. His interview almost becomes something a frame narration in the film and it ties the interviews and archival footage together well.

Ashton Gleckman (a 19 year old, Indianapolis native) has created a powerful documentary about a horror that we must never forget.