Widows ★★★★

I really loved Widows. The tension was palpable from several different sides and I loved that the drama wasn't simply confined to the conceit of the movie. The women at the center of the movie are completely out of their element and in over their heads. But it's the drama they're going through while they grieve that makes the movie so compelling to me.

In particular, Elizabeth Debicki's character arc throughout the movie is so satisfying to me while managing to be fairly subtle at the same time. Her relationship with Lukas Haas' character took the movie into some interesting emotional places without being overbearing on the viewer. You see the wheels turning and know where their relationship is heading toward, but it's all below the surface and lends some unique tension to the plot.

The set pieces are stunningly shot and very intense. Things happen throughout the movie that I didn't see coming and I loved the way things wrapped up.

2018 is going to be a very difficult year when it comes to making my top ten list. But I think Widows could potentially have a spot on it.

Reviewed in Episode 259 of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast.

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