Won't You Be My Neighbor? ★★★★★

This isn't just a documentary, it's a celebration of the work of someone so genuinely kind and good. I came away from this experience believing that Fred Rogers was the closest thing we've had to a genuine superhero. He was such a beacon of good in the world and focused that goodness into work that helped millions of children throughout his life.

In a lot of ways, Won't You Be My Neighbor is the documentary we need. We need to be reminded that there is decency in a world in which everyday feels worse and worse. And we need to know that Mr. Rogers' work is timeless and the principles he stood for in his work can and should be carried on for generations to come.

I'm glad the documentary had such a strong focus on footage of the show and interviews with Fred throughout his career. It allowed for Fred to, in a way, guide the viewer through his goals, thought processes, and his career as a whole.

This documentary is filled with heartwarming moments and an incredibly uplifting spirit. I adored it.

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