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Been a while since I've watched this and this was my first time seeing it on blu-ray. The transfer is as amazing as expected.

Phenomenal samurai action movie with a wonderfully commanding performance from Mifune. His physicality when Sanjuro is at his lowest is incredible, as is the swordplay choreography. But Mifune gives his character a strong air of controlled chaos and intimidation through confidently downplaying adversaries.

I'm never not impressed with the way Kurosawa fills every single frame and uses the space to his full advantage. There are scenes where Mifune's character is watching people from inside the place he's staying. The composition of the shots and the way the camera seamlessly goes from a voyeuristic perspective into an interior scene with Mifune without cutting is really slick.

The action and the game of "cat and mouse and mouse" that is played throughout the movie is so riveting and clever.

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