Heartland Film Festival 2018: Movies I Want To See

Here's a list of some of the movies playing at the 27th annual Heartland Film Festival October 11-21, 2018 in Indianapolis that I want to see. The list is to keep track of the movies I want to see at this year's festival.

Movies Not Yet On Letterboxd
A Thousand Miles Behind
Amy & Sophia
Anthem of a Teenage Prophet
Care to Laugh
Film School Africa
Go Penguins!
In Reality
Life with Dog
Nathan's Kingdom
River Runs Red
Turning Point

  • 1985
  • 93Queen
  • Alone in the Game
  • Antiquities
  • Back Roads
  • Bathtubs Over Broadway
  • Bullitt County
  • Circles
  • Crime + Punishment
  • The Drummer and the Keeper
  • The Elephant and the Butterfly
  • Freelancers Anonymous
  • Fremde Tochter
  • The Heat: A Kitchen (R)evolution
  • Howard
  • Letter from Masanjia
  • Little Woods
  • Man Made
  • Maze
  • Miss Arizona
  • Monrovia, Indiana
  • Mountain Rest
  • Nigerian Prince
  • Painless
  • People's Republic of Desire
  • Phantom Cowboys
  • Point of No Return
  • Prospect
  • Radium Girls
  • The Rest I Make Up
  • Room For Rent
  • Saints Rest
  • The Samuel Project
  • Seeing is Believing: Women Direct
  • Silver Lake
  • Spare Room
  • Thunder Road
  • Tre Maison Dasan
  • The Turn Out
  • What Haunts Us
  • What They Had
  • When Jeff Tried to Save The World
  • The World Before Your Feet
  • You Can Choose Your Family