Batman Begins ★★★★

'Don't be afraid...'

Such a good film. All the stuff up to and including Batman's first appearance is stellar and really holds up, the photography is great and the scene where the audience gets a criminal's POV of Batman is genius (emulated fairly well by The Incredible Hulk, where it makes less sense). I'm less keen on some of the stylistic choices in the latter half of the film, especially when compared with followup The Dark Knight, but it hardly detracts from an all-round solid, well-written film.

- The main theme has been compared unfavorably with Elfman's, but the score remains a personal favorite of mine.
- Joffrey!
- I never understood why people hated Katie Holmes in this film, but I couldn't stop noticing her talking out of the side of her mouth what with everyone pointing it out.

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