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  • The Mind of Jake Paul

    The Mind of Jake Paul


    Shane Dawson stop giving a platform to problematic white YouTubers and start using yours to help people who deserve it for once challenge

  • Ida



    Fantastic minimalistic story with beautiful Tarkovskian cinematography.

    Great lead performances.

    Still amazing on a rewatch.

    Still very bleak too.

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  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born


    Man... IDK
    I mean, it was a pretty great movie, but after all the hype I kinda expected it to be way more spectacular, raw and less Hollywood-esque than it turned out to. I guess films with such a big target audience as this one just aren't my thing as much as arthouse films.
    Rah rah bitch snapped though! Gaga really delivered a great starring role debut performance. Sure, she's definitely not one of the greatest, but for a singer-turned-actress…

  • Hereditary



    Still VERY sister spooked!1!

    Watching with headphones on makes up for an almost as amazing experience as seeing it in theatre.

    I cried a lot... Again.

    I've never been this impressed by any film set. The opening shot with Peter's room is so fucking amazing and so are all the other shots where you can literally see through the walls.

    Toni Collette better win every best performance award; otherwise that shit's rigged.

    Also please:

    - Best cinematography
    - Best original screenplay
    - best production design
    - (possibly) best supporting actor - Alex Wolff
    - Best original music score
    - Best sound design