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  • Neighbour Abdi
  • Nocturne for a Forest
  • Samsara
  • Monica

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  • Someday We'll Tell Each Other Everything


  • The New Boy


  • Paradise is Burning


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  • Plástico



    Should've known what I was about to watch, when I read that "Verónica Kompalic is a Venezuelan filmmaker, writer and artist based in Los Angeles"

    Pure fascist propaganda. Didn't laugh.

  • All the Fires

    All the Fires


    Such an incredibly stunning film. One of the greatest works about growing up during the digital age, full of queerness. So authentic and intimate. Wish this film was around when I was younger, as it would've helped a lot! ❤️

    They must have a REALLY good reason if they're not giving the Pardo d'oro Cineasti del presente / Filmmakers of the Present award to this one at Locarno.

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  • Great Freedom

    Great Freedom


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    'Dearest Hans,
    Of course I love you too.
    More than anything else.
    But what shall I say…?
    I poke letters into a bible with a piece of straw.
    As if that weren't silly enough,
    you'll probably never read my words.
    Since I have no idea how to get the stupid book into your cell.
    I can't get to you and you can't get to me,
    that's exactly our problem.
    It's right in front of us,
    black on white,
    with holes…

  • Joe Bell

    Joe Bell


    TIFF #18

    Good Joe Bell? I think the fuck not. This was a disaster. A disgrace. I think it’s time to stop with these cishet ex-bigot redemption stories. Those films are only made for straight people to feel more comfortable with themselves and feel proud of themselves. I don’t wanna see any more films about straight people learning what’s good and what’s bad and becoming a ‘better person’ through the suffering of someone else. No more patting them on the…