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  • Another Earth

    Another Earth


    I remember watching this for the first time a few years ago.
    I was never really interested in film and I watched involuntary watched 2-3 films a year at school. One day I stayed home due to being ill. I was pretty bored and stumbled on this random website were you could stream films and the cover of this film really intrigued me. Within the first 10 minutes I was overwhelmed by all the emotions that were triggered inside of…

  • Suspiria



    "Wir brauchen Schuld und Scham, doktor, aber nicht deine."

    Where the fuck do I start?

    Holy shit, was I WRONG about this one! When I first heard that Suspiria (1977), one of my favorite films of all time, was gonna get a remake, I was pissed. I felt like such a unique film that was already perfect in it's own way needed to stay untouched. Then the trailer dropped.. "How are they gonna remake such an experience without the magical…

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  • Suspiria



    Sooooo glad this finally leaked!!

    Cries and Whispers, The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant, Solaris and many other European 70's masterpieces; Luca Guadagnino really knows his references!

    So happy Thom Yorke made the Oscar shortlist.. now let's get him a nomination and a win. One of my favorite scores of all-time.

    Tilda is perfect.

    Elena Fokina's (also Tilda's though) performance really is the most criminally underrated performance of the year

    Klemperer's story is 100% necessary.

    Truly the best Horror, Romance, Drama of the year.

    Best dream sequences ever.

  • The Match Factory Girl

    The Match Factory Girl


    Bleak, Grim and misanthropic social realism will be the death of me :(((

    That pastel sweater... I want ten of them.

    The subtle comedic moments made the atmosphere even more awkward.


    She did THAT

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  • The Mind of Jake Paul

    The Mind of Jake Paul


    Shane Dawson stop giving a platform to problematic white YouTubers and start using yours to help people who deserve it for once challenge

  • Hereditary



    Still VERY sister spooked!1!

    Watching with headphones on makes up for an almost as amazing experience as seeing it in theatre.

    I cried a lot... Again.

    I've never been this impressed by any film set. The opening shot with Peter's room is so fucking amazing and so are all the other shots where you can literally see through the walls.

    Toni Collette better win every best performance award; otherwise that shit's rigged.

    Also please:

    - Best cinematography
    - Best original screenplay
    - best production design
    - (possibly) best supporting actor - Alex Wolff
    - Best original music score
    - Best sound design