Certain Women ★★★★

I love Wendy and Lucy and was expecting something similar to that, in terms of style; that's exactly what I got. I love the silence and rawness in both these films, but at first I felt like it's a little too much of the good stuff in this one. It seemed to be too meandering, and I was expecting it not to pay off in the end. However, by the time the credits started rolling and that beautiful piece of music played, I started crying. The film's main priority is to be felt, and well, I did.
The visuals are incredibly beautiful , it's perfect in every technical aspect and Michelle Williams is fantastic, as always. I really like the subplot she was part of.
I'm a huge Laura Dern stan but her performance and her character's story are a little underwhelming to me. I liked the last story.
Very odd how such mundane stories, without too much trager seem to strike so hard.