The Farewell

The Farewell ★★★½

Damn, this did cause a conflict within me.

Lulu Wang creates an extremely personal, sincere unique and well-written piece that's directly been based off of her own experiences.

The whole cast delivers solid performances and all deliver their lines pretty well! While Nora Lum/"Awkwafina" is pretty good in this, Zhao Shuzhen is the true star of The Farewell. Every scene she's in is pure and extremely beautiful.

I am a big fan of parts of the screenplay. It's very realistic, touches many many themes and there's some pretty incredible lines in it. Some scenes became kinda repetitive after a while, but I don't think that affected my viewing experience.

As for the comedy, though, I pretty much hated most of it. There's a lot of repetitive and silly jokes that slowly on just became really annoying. I was really afraid this would affect the way I view the film, but luckily the gut-punches are so extremely strong. I'm very sure that without some of the jokes, I would've given this a higher score, though.

I cried a lot during The Farewell, especially throughout the last half our, which was practically perfect.