King Kong

King Kong ★★★★★

King Kong is surprisingly still as charming as it was when it initially came out. It’s an aged beast absolutely, but it’s got some of that bravado that most of these modern monster films fail to ever reach.

The script is killer and even though I was concerned about the era and the filmmakers possibly being prejudiced but after a lot of thought I think it’s actually very progressive. White people are absolutely the villains of the film. The biggest joke is “beauty killed the beast” when a bunch of white guys stole the beast from his home in the first fucking place. The entire script is filled with moments like these. Like, when the men first come across a dinosaur and machine gun the hell out of it. How they view and treat the island people as well. Hell, it starts with a monologue on how women are only shoehorned into films just so other women have something to connect to. What probably passed as authentic dialogue feels more satirical to this age of misconceptions. So to my understanding this is a great piece of social commentary cleverly guided as a monstrous and adventurous picture. Thus, making it absolutely marvelous.

The stop motion and practical effects use in this is really something! That t-rex sequence is something special and had me so excited. I even watched it again after it was over. More so than that, Kong IS a wonder! And such a wonder! I wish more projects could work with stop motion these days, it’s such a charming thing when it’s done right! It’s one of the oldest films that might still be the most accessible to watch. 

The sound design is impressive for the era. It’s obviously overshadowed by today’s standards but it’s still fairly vibrant and tries a lot harder than it needed too! My speakers really boomed and it added loads to my excitement!

Beautiful composition! Who knew these monster movies had such solid score work! I honestly never did. It invokes mystery, adventure, terror and destruction in such perfect and ageless ways! You just don’t get things like this anymore. Movies have gotten me into so much beautiful music I could’ve missed out on. And for that I’m thankful!

*Thank you Peter Jackson for recreation that spider sequence. It’s perfect and I absolutely love it! <3

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