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  • Paterson



    I kind of just want to watch this film everyday for the rest of my life tbh

    In the real world, where everyone and everything literally feels like is in a hurry and in a rush to do everything as fast and as soon as possible, a film that portrays a world like this as simple and tranquil as this one feels like fiction.

    I love this film so much. I wish my life was like this, honestly. This film…

  • Spring Breakers

    Spring Breakers


    "Grandma. It was really great. I think we found ourselves here. We finally got to see some other parts of the world. We saw some beautiful things here. Things we'll never forget. We got to let loose. God, I can't believe how many new friends we made. Friends from all over the place. I mean everyone was so sweet here. So warm and friendly. I know we made friends that will last us a lifetime. We met people who are…

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  • A Christmas Prince

    A Christmas Prince


    I'm all full of schmaltz!

  • Pinched



    Although I personally do not enjoy films which have a main message that depicts people as medicine, especially when the main love interest is depicted as a sort of panacea for mental illnesses, I enjoyed this film.

    The art design and the soundtrack coupled very well with each other. Every character was incredibly engaging and makes the audience invested in both the world and the society. Every action sequence gave off almost an extremely intensive, thrilling sort of vibe.

    Who wouldn't enjoy an interesting film like this?