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  • Night is Short, Walk on Girl

    Night is Short, Walk on Girl


    Life is people and fullness, for as long as we're here. Life is Plentiful. Giving. Joy.

    "I'm feelin' the same as you... I'm not findin' the books I really want. Some nasty collector's got a tight grip on the rare stuff. ...Y'know, way back when, books traveled from person to person! A book is reborn each time it's passed on; it's one of the things that ties us together. But it's like that damn collector's put up a dam to…

  • Reality Bites

    Reality Bites


    First Film Watched as a College Graduate


    Troy Dyer: "Honey, all you have to be by the time you're 23 is yourself."

    It really doesn't get more 90s than this than this film...

    Can I also just mention how much I really like watching Ben Stiller as director, because I personally think he's really good at it like look at this film wowow


    I chose to watch this film as the first one I watched after my life…

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  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    Film #1400

    I honestly haven’t been watching films for a while, because I’m both completely obsessed with Animal Crossing and my American television... Also because I had a hard time deciding what film (that I have never watched so is also new to me) I should watch for the 1400th film... I’ve honestly just been so busy lately that it was only when I was seeing this film in theaters did I realize this was going to be my 1400th…

  • A Christmas Prince

    A Christmas Prince


    I'm all full of schmaltz!