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This review may contain spoilers.

sharon carter has been disrespected by the mcu since the moment she was introduced. starting with the fact that most of her arc in captain america: the winter solider was given to natasha when it was supposed to be hers, followed by her underdeveloped relationship with steve that led to a mass of people hating her, continued by the erasure of her arc in avengers: infinity war (most people don’t even know she was supposed to be part of that movie). not to mention the way the hate for her grew when hayley atwell kept spitting on sharon’s character and bringing her down.

so when it was announced that sharon would be in this series i said “wow, finally she’s getting the recognition she deserves. she’s getting a good arc that will prove everyone how badass of an agent and overall cool character she is.” all hope for this went out the window after her first episode (don’t get me started on how long it took for her to actually show up). i adore comic book sharon, and i guess i got my hopes incredibly high, that’s on me. sharon being the powerbroker was a theory that everyone was hearing the entire time but i refused to believe it because 1) it’s lazy and too obvious 2) it goes against everything comic sharon stands for, and as a fan of her comic counterpart i was hoping they would try and stick with the source material. 

so now i’m trying to make my peace with the fact that one of my favorite comic superheroes is now an mcu villain. while it’s not what i wanted for her character at all, it might be interesting. i get why she’s angry, so if she wants to be a sexy villain and take down the government then good for her im not gonna stop her. i’m just having a hard time trying to get over my disappointment. i also heard the theory that she might be a skrull, but that’s a discussion for another day.

if it isn’t obvious by now, i clearly only watched this show for her. but it was good overall. i was over the moon with the introduction of isaiah and eli bradley, and sam’s journey into becoming captain america was perfect and so so wonderful. also very happy bucky is finally at peace with his inner demons. last but not least, I ADORE ZEMO. he’s my favorite mcu villain and i’m so happy we saw more of him, he was such a delight to watch and i hope they bring him back somehow.

anyway sharon carter girlboss gaslight gatekeep era supremacy or whatever

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