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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    A fantastic film, as per usual by Scorsese. Much like the others, I love mafia movies for what they show occurs to those who choose the fast and despicable sort of lives. If one somehow manages to grow old, their demise seems to always walk hand-in-hand with misery and loneliness. This has been one of my favorite films of 2019, if not of all time.

  • Inside Llewyn Davis

    Inside Llewyn Davis


    It's a film I would not rewatch, honest to god. But it is my favourite of all time so far (for now). Something about this movie speaks so much to me for some reason yet pains me to view it. I can't stop listening to its amazing soundtrack.

  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4


    The Toy Story franchise always pulls it off. I thoroughly enjoyed all 4 movies.