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This review may contain spoilers.

The comparison of Da-song's drawings to Basquiat's art stuck out and made me think about the function of art in this movie.
- The Kim family cannot afford to continue Ki-jeong's lessons, so her creativity is only valuable to forge documents and act the part of an art student to swindle the Park family.
- Da-song's creativity is always seen as something to be valued and nurtured. The family always attempts to find meaning in his artwork, even though Da-hye complains that he is "pretending". Information Da-song tells the family, such as the ghost he had seen, or details about the Morse code, is ignored. Both are crucial pieces of information that could've deterred the consequences of the final scene. 
- The housekeeper Moon-gwang constantly emphasises that the Park house was designed by a renowned architect and deserves respect, because it houses and literally protects her husband from persecution.
This movie is a delight to analyse and pay attention to small details. I'm just obsessed.

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