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  • Pleasantville



    Wow, this one really packs an unexpected punch. I was expecting a lightweight Back to the Future kind of time travel adventure and instead got a fairly biting allegory about male privilege and fascism. Saw it at Ebertfest 2017 with a talk by Gary Ross afterward and feel like if I'd seen it in 1998, I might have thought that the book-burning was a little heavy handed but now in 2017, it seems right on the nose.

  • De-Lovely



    Surprised after enjoying a viewing of this at EbertFest to read so many poor reviews of it online. It's not perfect and has the problems that many bio-pics have but Kline and Judd are great and the music is wonderful.

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  • Being There

    Being There


    Saw it today at Ebertfest 2017 for the first time since '79 and was totally blown away by it. They haven't made a lot of satire this smart or this brutal since then.

  • Une Femme Coquette

    Une Femme Coquette

    Well that turned out kind of rapey.