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  • The Vast of Night

    The Vast of Night

    Fun little movie that shows a lot of talent behind the camera. Hoping that the director gets more projects with bigger budgets.

  • Munich


    An almost forgotten film from Spielberg and and I really don't know why it doesn't get more attention. If nothing else it should be watched for the amazing cinematography with its bleached colors and blown-out highlights. As usual Spielberg constructs a ton visual set-pieces each of which might be the peak of another director's career and really no one can move a camera around a set or move people within it better than he can.

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  • The Valley of Decision

    The Valley of Decision


    Solid Hollywood adaptation of the first quarter of Marcia Davenport's historical novel. It holds a special place for me as it's set in my neighborhood in Pittsburgh although it was all filmed in the studio.

  • A Flirtatious Woman

    A Flirtatious Woman

    Well that turned out kind of rapey.